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Who and What is ILPRadio?

                                         ILPR adio™ is a Clothing Line designed with P.R.I.V.I.L.E.G.E.D U.P.S.E.T.S. in mind.
                                                   People Rejecting Ignorant Views In a Lacking Environment Guaranteed to Eventually Die.
                                                                         Unless Prejudice Subsides Evolving into True Salvation

                  Our clothing line  is about Igniting Love and Passion again, in the Spirits of, those that have been "Slept" on far too long. 
                                        By wearing ILPRadio's™ gear, you will open up a Platform that will allow YOURSELF to be HEARD..


                                                           If you're a Musician, Rapper, Singer or even a Poet

                                       and you feel that you have been "Slept on, far too long", then wear our Gear and become a
                                                     P.R.I.V.I.L.E.G.E.D U.P.S.E.T.S, because ILPRadio's™ wear
                                                                       is a Worldwide Awakening.

                                                 We are about Intellectuals, Loyal to Peace and Individual love for People. 

                    Our mission is to create a "Vibe" for our clothing line through the use of  P.R.I.V.I.L.E.G.E.D. U.P.S.E.T.S.
                                                by being a D isciple A gainst D iscrimination, D espair and I gnorance.


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